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Friday, June 10, 2011


 We have not been all together since 2002 and before that, I couldn't tell you when...These are all the first cousins on my mom's side.  They all came to my dad's wake.  Coming from Cape Cod, other parts of Mass, Maryland, Arizona and Florida.  It was so wonderful to see them all.  Even though we lived in a different state as kids(Mass. and CT), we would go up to visit all of them once a month.  We were as close as can be and still are by way of e-mail and Facebook!  I LOVE them all and miss them too.

The picture below is my mom and her brother and two sisters (the parents of us all above).  They have always been close to each other and because they were close, they kept us close.   I have nothing but love and respect for these folks who raised us.
My dad would have been happy to see us all together........Family was important to him!

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Nancy said...

I'm sure your father was there in spirit! :)