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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bronx Zoo

My husband and I took a vacation day off together yesterday (not something we usually do), but he had been wanting to see the Bronx Zoo and my sister wanted to bring the triplets (trips) so we all went together for the day.

First of all, let me say that the Bronx Zoo is huge.  We could not do it all in one day and we did try!  There is a  lot of walking involved and a lot is uphill!  We missed some stuff at the top of the hill (Madagascar and the Bird Aviary).  But we (and the trips) had a great day!  It was about 88 degrees, but since we were mostly in the shade, it was all good.   The ride there wasn't bad at all.  But on the ride home, we hit a ton of traffic and it took over two hours.

They really have a lot of animals and for the most part it seems they are all well kept and well fed.  But if animals could be sad, most of these were extremely sad.  They did not want to be in a zoo and I felt sorry for some of them.....

 Long Haired gorillas bathing and drinking.

 The giraffes.  Always my favorite, since the last time I went with my son and sister and niece 15 years ago.   They are so graceful and we never made it to the Giraffe house either :(

 Wolf monkey - I wish this was clearer - the colors on him were just beautiful!

 This picture was taken in the congo.  My niece was standing by the glass and one gorilla came over to her and stood right in front of her to sort of give her a hug-it was pretty remarkable.  Everyone was in awe!

 This must have been the daddy gorilla - very stern, very intent on the people watching him.  He was one of the saddest.

 The trips on the bug carousel.  I rode it and felt myself getting sick (how pathetic am I).

 These were in the butterfly garden/house.  

 The tigers were surprisingly very active.  Pacing and roaring and watching.  Another animal that did not want to be in captivity.  
 My sister and brother in law and the trips in the nest in the children's zoo.  They seemed to have a lot of fun here.  Below, they were in the prairie dog pen and had a ball!

 These are Mongolian Horses, taken from the Monorail ride (which was a great ride if you ever get there!)  They are rare and beautiful.  (sorry the picture isn't great, I was taking it from above on a moving monorail.

The elephants.  The only place they are is on the monorail ride.  They were huge, yet they were still young.  

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