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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Days....

I know it is CRAZY to think about it, but my daughter starts school in 22 days!!! (yes, 1-1/2 weeks BEFORE Labor Day!)

I have already got her new uniforms and all her books (except one).  She gets her own notebooks/pens, etc (I never seem to get the ones that she wants!)  We got her new shoes this weekend!

She had her senior class portraits taken already too!  She is heading to high school cheer camp this month at the local college and she has started to coach the Pop Warner cheer squad. 

Summer is just flying by and I wish I could stop it!  But I can't, so I'm going to make the most of enjoying her senior year of high school.....it's so sad, though!!!

(next year at this time, I'll be buying all her college supplies) Oh dear!!!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This summer has flown by. Sounds like your daughter will be having a busy year. :)

Julia said...

Ugh......(and double ugh to the comment about Elizabeth + college!!) Miss you!