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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Morning of the storm

It is 8:15 am.  We still have power, but the winds are pretty strong.  340,000 are without power in the state, but we have it as of now.  We have had quite a bit of rain (around 4 inches per the news).

The small chicken coop was stored in the garage yesterday and the chickens are in there today.  They will have to tough it out, but they have food and water and plenty of hay....just not a lot of scratch area or light.  I extended the coop with boxes and more hay.

If the weathermen are correct, I should be able to put them back outside around 6:00 pm tonight.

The poor puppy did not want to go out into the storm to go to the bathroom.....he was frightened!

Two of the kids are sleeping.  My other son was called in and is working at least a double today.  They allowed him to sleep at work last night so that he could be at work first thing this morning as the roads were closed by the state.

Stay Safe!!

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