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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend in Review/Raspberry Cobbler

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend.

Friday night, I made some salsa.  My son, Dominic tasted it and loved it!  And I knew right then and there I was in trouble!  I had one jalapeno from the CSA and I threw it in and boy is it hot!  So hot, that I can't eat it.  I will be giving it away (here it comes, Uncle Loni and Uncle Joe)  and saving one or two for my son.  I couldn't feel my lip for about 20 minutes!
The next batch will be sans jalapenos.

Saturday, I taught Zumba, then worked at the church, then came home to clean the house (Eva - you would have been mortified)  and cook up some of the veggies from the CSA.  I cleaned and pre cooked the purslane.  There wasn't too much so I decided to add it to my large bag of veggies for the next stir fry sometime next week.  I had two large eggplant, so I egged and floured and fried those up.  Then I froze them so I'll be ready for eggplant parm.  whenever I get the craving!   My brother was foraging again and got me another chicken in the woods mushroom, so I fried that up with onion and froze it for another future steak!  Saturday was a dinner at the church and then to a friend's house to catch up on some girl talk!!

Sunday, I was lucky enough to have Cassidy (one of the trips) and Nonni for parts of the day.  I cooked a nice dinner....Chicken from my farm, roast potatoes, salad and corn on the cob from the CSA.  What is more priceless than having a 3 year old and a 99 year old at the Sunday dinner table.  Very funny table conversation!!  After grocery shopping in the late afternoon, I decided to do something with some of the 7 quarts of raspberries and blackberries that I still have in the freezer!  Last week, I made blackberry muffins which were just okay (actually not very good at all!).  I found this recipe that looked incredibly easy.  Raspberry cobbler!  It took about five minutes to put together and about 35 minutes to cook and it was amazing!  I added whipped cream and I honestly can't believe how delish it was!

Since I only used two cups of raspberries for this, please let me know if anyone needs some raspberries!!

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