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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flatts Fest

We attended Flatts Fest the other night.  Rascal Flatts....with Sara Evans, Easton Corbin and Justin Moore.

Great show!  I really liked Justin Moore!  Rascal Flatts didn't play as long as I thought they would or as many songs as I thought they would, but they did choose the best songs to sing:

Summer Nights
Bless the Broken Road
My Wish
Easy - My new favorite song.
Life is a highway
What hurts the most
Fast cars and freedom
Take me there.... and many more.

(They didn't play I Melt - which is my favorite - maybe they played it in the encore - if anyone knows, please let me know).

We bought seats (real seats) as opposed to the lawn seats where you just bring a blanket and sit on the lawn (mostly kids up there!)  It was actually a beautiful day/night for sitting on the lawn watching a concert.

We were lucky enough to leave the concert just as Rascal Flatts ended their last song and before the encore.  We got to the car and maneuvered through a swarm of people and got on the highway.  Other friends of ours were still stuck in the parking lots over an hour later.  Comcast Theatre really needs to re-work their logistics.  It was hell.  My daughter was with my sister in her car and we (in my car - 50 minute drive) were home already and she was still in the parking lot.

Many friends of mine were there and we also knew a ton of other people there. I actually went with the hubby and my brother and his wife and their two kids.

The pre show in the parking lot was a freak show.  Suffice it to say, we spent almost three hours tailgating and people watching in a parking lot.   Some of it was hysterical, some not so hysterical, some sad and some of it made me mad.  Who brings a stripper pole to a concert??  Tell me!  (There are some crazy stories in those parking lots.)

I used to go to concerts all the time...sometimes once a month.  Needless to say, I haven't been in years and now you know why! :)

I won't be going again any time soon, but I'm glad my daughter got to see what goes on and what NOT to do at  a concert.  A priceless experience.

 My brother and his family
 Me, hubby and his sister
 Hubby and I
 The girls and their moms - Six moms and their daughters (one mom was missing - my sister!)

 My daughter and my son's girlfriend.
 My daughter and my sister in law

 All the coaches for this years Pee Wee squad cheer.
 My sister in law and her daughters.
 Hubby, me, my brother and nieces.
 Sitting in our seats (finally), you can see the lawn in the background.
 We were in the back, but we didn't care - we had end seats and lots of space in front of us. 
These are our views below. 

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